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These terms and conditions outline the rules and guidelines for using our website https://ohmygamble.com/ and all the related products and services we offer. Understand that this is a legally binding contract between you and the team behind this Website. That is, even though it exists in electronic form and doesn’t require a physical signature. 

If you’re using our services on behalf of any legal entity, confirm that you have the authority to enter into this agreement on their behalf. If that’s the case, the terms “user,” “you,” or “your” refer to the business or entity you represent.

Take the time to review and familiarize yourself with these terms and conditions before diving into our offerings. By using our website and services, you’re acknowledging that you’ve carefully read, understood, and agreed to be bound by these terms and conditions. 

You’re not obligated to accept these conditions if you don’t agree with the terms we’ve laid out. Likewise, if you don’t have the authority to bind the entity you represent, we kindly ask you not to accept it on their behalf. 

Note that we might supplement these conditions with additional terms, guidelines, or rules pertaining to certain features or services on our website. These additional terms will be clearly presented to you on the site. They are also an integral part of this agreement. Therefore, accepting these conditions means consenting to the fact that you’ve read, understood, and accepted them.

Access to the Site

The Company grants you a limited license to access the site solely for your own personal and noncommercial use. This means that you have permission to use the site, but there are certain restrictions that you must keep in mind.

  • You cannot sell, rent, lease, or exploit the site commercially in any way. In other words, don’t use our site for business or to make profit.
  • You cannot change, copy, compile, or share any part of our website unless we indicate otherwise. This is to protect our site’s integrity and functionality.
  • Furthermore, accessing the site with the intention of building a similar or competitive website is prohibited. This is to protect our interests and prevent any unauthorized replication.
  • Do not remove or alter any copyright notices or indications of ownership present on the site.

Any update or addition to the website’s functionality will also be subject to these Terms. By adhering to these terms and conditions, you can enjoy the limited access and use of the site while respecting our rights.

The Company has the right to change, suspend, or stop the site, with or without notifying you. By using the site, you agree that the Company will not be held responsible for any changes, interruptions, or terminations of the site or any of its parts. 

Apart from any content you provide, all the intellectual property rights on our site belong to the company or its suppliers. Your access to the site doesn’t give you ownership or rights over any intellectual property, except for the limited access rights we explicitly mentioned.

Third-Party Links, Ads and Other Users

You might come across links to other websites and advertisements from third parties on our website. We don’t control these links, so we’re not responsible for what they offer. That said, it’s your choice to use them, but you do so at your own risk. Once you click these links or ads, you’re automatically subject to the other party’s terms and conditions, including their privacy policy.

We don’t control user content. In other words, if you interact with other users of our website, the outcome concerns only you and the involved party. So, if these interactions cause any loss or damage, we’re not directly or indirectly responsible for them. Likewise, if there are any disputes between you and this other party, it’s not our responsibility to intervene.


Our website is available to you without any guarantee. While we are certain about our services, we don’t make promises regarding the site’s quality or suitability for your needs. Furthermore, we can’t guarantee 100% that the site will always be available or error-free on your device. 

If, due to legal obligations, we must provide warranties for our site, they will only last for 90 days. This time frame begins from the moment you access and start using our website or services. 

Note that in some jurisdictions, the law might not permit us to exclude certain conditions or control how long these warranties last. So, certain exclusions and limitations might not apply to your location.


The team at OhMyGamble works hard to provide readers with accurate and helpful information. However, we are an independent third-party site, not the operator in question. So we’re not responsible for any inaccuracies on the casino site or, consequently, our site. 

We gain financial assistance from the advertisements of the online casinos and providers that we promote. As such, you might find targeted ads on some parts of our website. This doesn’t affect the score the operator earns from our reviews. 

We can’t guarantee that every interaction between users and the operator will be positive. Keep in mind that we are an entertainment platform, not a legal advisor. Therefore, don’t take our guides and recommendations as legal advice.

Limitation on Liability

As permitted by law, our company and our suppliers are not accountable for any indirect damages caused by or related to these terms. These include profit or money loss, data loss, or the costs of using third-party websites. 

Using this website is at your discretion. So, any data loss resulting from its use is solely your responsibility.

Term and Termination

Our terms and conditions will continue to apply to you as long as you keep using our website and services. If you violate these terms, you can terminate your access. As such, you won’t be able to use our website or our services anymore. 

Once we terminate your account, we might delete your user content and device data from our system. We are not accountable for anything resulting from the termination of your access to our website.

Copyright Policy

We value intellectual property rights and expect our users to do the same. Therefore, we expect full compliance with our terms and conditions. We have the right to stop the access of users who infringe on these materials and violate this copyright policy repeatedly.

Regarding our terms and conditions, we can revise them occasionally. Once this happens, we will notify you via mail so you can be informed about the new changes. It’s your responsibility to provide us with a valid email address. Without this information, you might not get the appropriate notification for the amendments or inclusions we make.

The changes we make to this agreement will be effective within 30 days after we send an email and post a notice on our site. However, these changes are effective immediately for new users. If you continue with our website after such amendments and notice, you agree to be bound by the updated terms and conditions. If you have any questions about these conditions, you can always contact us.