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Thematic history

A new slot from the 2014 series, Pharaoh’s Fortune slot on Egyptian themes is closely related to the history and culture of Egypt, but it does not have the stimulating graphics like other free Slot Machines.

Graphics, sounds and animations

This is an unsatisfactory slot from the point of view of its graphics, the thematic background of this slot is missing, it also does not meet expectations. Despite the smooth animation, the characters are drawn beautifully, and the animation is generally quite high-quality.

In contrast, the sound is also terribly annoying. Not only is the melody that sounds during the victory annoying and too long, so it is also a little annoying. You have to listen to it throughout the bonus round.

The computer voice-over in English is also wildly annoying. This is probably the only slot that is better to play without sound.

Operating mode

The gameplay is very simple. You spin the reel and win if you discuss the Scatter and Bonus symbols that will appear on the reels on one of the 15 paylines.

The gameplay of Pharaoh’s Fortune is simple, but at the same time it has an extremely complex payout system. The winning lines and free spins in Pharaoh’s Fortune differ from the rules of classic slots, despite the fact that there is a standard payout system for the classics.

However, in this case, even in the paytable, it is difficult to understand which symbols should be placed on which lines in this slot machine.

Jokers, bonuses and free spins

Bugs) have a low multiplier (from 2x for two symbols to 50x for five symbols), but they still affect the total bet amount. If you have placed one bet on each of the 15 lines, then if you win for two Scatter symbols, you can get 30 coins.

It is the scatter that forms the winning sequence, regardless of the location of the scatter.

There is an opportunity to get free spins when three Bonus symbols appear (for more confusion, they are painted in two different colors, and the playing conditions for them are constantly changing). However, the game starts with a bonus round in which you can win good money.

If you play, for example, for the sake of bonuses, you can continue to play blocks, which will allow you to increase the multiplier or get free spins.

Bid size, RTP and variance

As a result of the limited number of paylines, the number of possible winnings is significantly reduced, and the bonus system allows you to win large amounts (up to 10000x). have the effect of increasing the variance of the slot machine.

Bets — from 1 coin per line (total 15 lines) to 100 coins per line (total 100 lines). In our experience, this ranges from £0.15 per spin to £15.00 per spin.

Then, if you manage to get 5 Pharaoh’s Fortune symbols by playing for $15, that means you can get $10,000/£/euro for $15/£/euro. Although this is a very rare case, there are many other ways to win.

In the past, the average return on investment was 96%, but in the present it is slightly lower — 95%.


I would like to note that although the design of the slot machine is made at a high professional level, the sound quality is quite low, and the huge complexity of the payout system does not allow you to fully enjoy the game. Low RTP is also a significant disadvantage.

Despite these advantages, sound problems, low RTP and confusing payout conditions that the slot suffers from do not compensate for the advantages of well-designed graphics, good volatility and the possibility of big winnings in the game.