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The Teen Patti game, also known as “Teen Patti,” originated in India. Since its emergence, it has massively gained population across South Asia. Aside from being a game fueled by luck, a certain level of skill is needed to be acquired before getting started on this card game. 

Without a doubt, it is the most recognized Indian-generated game. Also, the game happens to be the most preferred desi card game among Indians. You don’t have to go through a very long process to participate.

The game offers non-complex rules unlike other poker games but still adheres to the game’s general flow in similitude. The coming to light of the Teen Patti game has redefined the Indian gaming experience — wane to wax. The game has further widened to reach various virtual gaming platforms.

Teen Patti is quite easy to play. The winning one gets at Teen Patti even makes the gameplay more exciting. To win, you need a combination of both luck and skill, as mentioned earlier. With complete knowledge of the Teen Patti sequence and a few basic strategies, your chances of winning at Teen Patti have improved.

Below is an unchallenging written guideline that will enable anyone to learn how the game is being played within a short while. 

To get you started on playing Teen Patti offline, below are six basic guidelines a player must adhere to:

  • First, choose a dealer (The most drawn card emerges as the dealer).
  • Put in place the boot money.
  • Deal the games’ cards.
  • Players begin playing from the one sitting next to the dealer (usually clockwise form).
  • Endeavor to request a sideshow.
  • Last but not least, create a showdown request.

When playing Teen Patti online, there are some procedures a player must stick to. Some of these measures include:

  • Choosing a Teen Patti table at any casino where Teen Patti is available.
  • Getting to place your ante and potential side bets (this is not mandatory for players).
  • Once your cards have been revealed, you are at liberty to decide whether to play or fold.
  • Once the dealer has unraveled the cards, you win if you get better cards or better luck on your next trial.

Getting Started With Teen Patti

The moment the cards from the deck are shuffled and shared with the players. Each player is dealt three cards. These cards are served face down in order to avoid letting people know the cards you’re in possession of until they are flipped for the check. Players are allowed to flip, check and seemingly play as received. However, it is not compulsory for players to flip and check their cards. They have the free rein to choose whether to play blindly or not.

Teen Patti Game: Sequence, Variations, And Rules

Generally, the Teen Patti game is played between three to six players with a 52-card deck. It is pertinent to always bear in mind that the Joker cards have no dealings in the game. At 3-Patti sequence, first and foremost, players are expected to contribute their share to the boot amount. A boot amount is basically the least required stake players can play with. Players must first reach a concession on the amount they want to play with to have a boot amount before adding their shares into the pot. The pot always takes center stage before the game commences.

Learn Teen Patti Sequence

Without a doubt, Teen Patti is such an easy game to play, and enthusiastic Indian gamers also adore it. However, a player’s understanding of the Teen Patti sequence cannot be made too much of. Although Teen Patti has its similitude to that Poker, in Teen Patti, it is mandatory to have all the ante in equal amounts. In other words, once a player places a bet of 2 coins with another player placing 4 coins, the player that place a 2 coin bet will have to place 4 additional coins instead of just 2 to the earlier 2. Quite easy, right?

Playing Teen Pitti is so fun. Nevertheless, beyond luck, one has to possess the apropos skill needed to amass winnings from the game. This is why comprehensive knowledge of the Teen Patti sequence and a few basic strategies is vital.

Quickly, let us examine a list of Teen Patti Sequence:

Complete Teen Patti Sequence List 

  • Trio or Trail: A trio or trail means to have three cards of the same identity. For instance, triple-A.
  • Straight run (Pure sequence): a player’s To form a straight run, three out of cards must maintain the suit (diamonds, hearts, clubs, or spades). For example, A-K-Q and A-2-3.
  • Normal Run: A normal run in the game of Teen Pitti implies that three cards sequence in a row has different suits. Example: Spade’s A, Club’s J, and Diamond’s Q.
  • Flush (color): A flush or color entails having three sequence cards belonging to the same suit and color. It is important to note that this sequence may not progressively be in order.
  • Pair: A pair is otherwise known as a double. Here, the card trio with the most values is A-A-K, and 2-2-3 is considered the lowest. In a game of tie — two players having the same doubles, the most ranked third card becomes the winner. Example: A, A, K.
  • High card: In this sort of trio, one is required to get the highest, second highest, and maybe the least card as well. A-K-J hand is termed as the best, while 5-3-2 is perceived as the worst.

Nevertheless, despite a trail or trio being the most ranked sequence in Teen Patti, a player can win outside of the aforementioned sequence. 

Wondering how?

Three aces! Yes! With three aces, you have your 100% winning surety. This is the best way to win outside the sequence in Teen Patti.

You must wonder how one can figure out which Teen Patti sequence wins if two players have the same.

Let’s take a quick dive. 

In the game of Teen Patti, hands in the lower category are absolutely no match for hands in the higher category. In other words, any hand in the higher category will defeat any hand in the lower class. So, sometimes, there is a possibility of having the same Teen Patti sequence as someone else.

In such a scenario, the player with the highest sequence becomes valued.

Different Moves In Teen Patti

The Teen Patti game has lots of divergent moves players can make in the Teen Patti game. They include:

  • Playing Blind: As stated earlier, one feature that makes Teen Patti distinctly different from other poker games is that players can decide to play blind, wherein they don’t get to examine the cards distributed to them before placing a direct bet. Bearing Teen Patti rules in mind is essential for players. When players resolve to see their cards, it is called playing seen.
  • Playing Seen: This is otherwise known as Chaal. It’s safe to say it’s the opposite of placing blind. The moment cards are checked, a player can decide to wager on the strength of his or her card combination or Pack (Fold) — simply put, to nullify the game.
  • Sideshow Move: The slideshow is alternatively called the back show. To gain access to the back show move, a player must make sure he/she has seen his/her cards for his/her bet to be duly wagered on them. The sideshow can be asked of the last player who made a bet on their cards. What makes sideshow a fascinating move in Teen Patti is that players are unconfined to decide whether they accept the sideshow move request made by other players or not.
  • Tie: In the course of playing the game, if the two players who rank last choose not to show or fold the game, it will be viewed as a tie. That being so, the total amount gathered in the pot will either be divided among both players or returned.
  • Show: In a situation whereby two players are left, and one of them is asking the other to Show, the following rules are considered to take effect:
  1. In a situation where a Seen player is asking a Blind player to unveil his or her cards, the Seen player will have to bet four times the current stake.
  2. Instances, where the players left are Seen, then any one of them can be asked to double the amount he or she wagered with.
  3. The player playing blind does not have admittance to Show a move.

Teen Patti Variations

Unarguably, Teen Patti has expanded its horizons to become one of the most loved casino games among Indian race gamblers. A delve into numerous Teen Patti variants is an exciting, refreshing, and highly engaging thing to do without faltering. 

While playing online, it is essential to note that there are a lot of exhilarating variations in Teen Patti players can choose from. They include Mufliss, otherwise known as Lowball, 999, AK-47, 4x Boot, In-out, Temperature, 3-2-1, Rotating Jokers, Closest to 555, Draw, High Wild, Community, Sudden Death, Auction, Kiss-Miss-Bliss, High-Low Split, Pack Jack, Joker Hunt, Buying Joker Seen and Unseen, Banko, King Little, Kissing Missing, Folding Joker, 2 Cards Open, Wild Draw, Cobra, Odd Sequence, 1942 Love Story, Pairs Are Jokers, Lallan Kallan, Stud and One-Eyed Jack.

Teen Patti Rules

The rules governing the game of Teen Patti are straightforward and such an easy task to comprehend. As easy as these rules are, it is best in the interest of a player to have detailed information on how the game works before devoting money to play the game.

The aim is to have the top 3-card hand and increase the pot before the game finally meets its end. However, one has to be cognizant of the fact that it is vital that one knows the copious hand rankings before getting into a game of Teen Patti which is in likelihood to that betting rules. 

It may interest you to know that Teen Patti can be played online to win real money online. With the Teen Patti live games, which are equally exciting as the Teen Patti games played at land-based casinos, you can hit a good sum ofr money. Thrilling, isn’t it?

Briefly, we’ll take a look at some of the basic rules in Teen Patti.

  • Ranking of the hands and determining the winning sequence: The dealt cards should have a sequence that is ranked above any other arrangements in the series. This series is quite similar to what is observed in Poker. There are not many dissimilarities between them.
  • Dealing cards: Teen Patti rules fused in a dealer who distributes three cards to all players gathered at the table. This always takes a clockwise manner. 
  • Playing blind or not: Players have the opportunity to play blind (which means that they choose not to look at their dealt cards) or even to look at their cards before the play. This is done after an initial amount is collected equally from across all players and accumulated at the pot (a central pot for depositing all stakes).
  • Value of stake to be determined: The value of stake rule is quite tricky here. The value of the stake is ascertained the moment a player decides whether he or she wants to play blind or not. If the current and the previous player play blind, then the staked value remains the same, and the current value deposited at the pot can be doubled as well. But if the previous player chooses not to play blind, then the current player has the room to stake half the value of the last player or the current staked value.

Start Playing Teen Patti

To bring the Teen Patti game to a close, one out of these states of affairs must emerge:

  • Except for one player, everyone Packs. That remaining player is the winner.
  • If two players are left at the end of the game, one is expected to pay for the Show move. Once this move has been made, cards with the sequence of both players will be depicted to everyone for comparison to be made in order to have a winning combination.