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The Teen Patti Field App is a brand-new rummy app that allows you to play card games from your mobile device. You may earn real money while playing a variety of multiplayer and skill-based games.

The Teen Patti Field app is home to the most comprehensive community of rummy players from every corner of the globe. This card game is popular all over the world, but India is where it is most popular. In terms of downloads, the Rummy Field APK is now the most downloaded card game in the world.

App Name Teen Patti Field
Size 35.52 MB
Version 1.2
Sign Up Bonus Rs. 51
Minimum Withdrawal Rs. 100

It’s a great way to spend time with friends and enjoy a range of rummy games. It doesn’t matter what time of day you choose to engage in this pursuit.

With the Teen Patti Field App, you may decide how long you want to spend playing the game. The process itself is really easy. In addition, it’s a top pick for card game enthusiasts.

Players don’t have to worry about any unexpected surprises popping up. The Teen Patti Field app can be downloaded in many different languages, such as English, Hindi, Punjabi, Gujarati, and others.

A player will be rewarded with a ₹55 bonus whenever they make a deposit into their account. You’ll earn 30% of their first deposit after they use your referral link to get the wallet.

Pros and Cons

You should anticipate that any app with benefits will also have drawbacks. Nothing is perfect; however, Teen Patti seems to have more pros than cons.


  • Referral system
  • Vip program
  • Deposit bonus


  • Restricted Countries

How to Download Teen Patti Field App?

The Teen Patti Field app may be downloaded from the company’s website. The application may then be downloaded by clicking the download icon. Once you’ve initiated a download, all you have to do is wait for it to finish.

Here is a simple guideline on how to download and install the Teen Patti Field app:

  • Start by clicking the “Download Now” button to get the Teen Patti Field APK.
  • If you haven’t already done so, please head into your phone’s settings. Enable the option to install apps from unknown sources before tapping the link below.
  • Once you’ve allowed installations from unknown sources, get Teen Patti Field APK and install it on your device.

How to Register Teen Patti Field App?

After installing the app, the next step is to create an account. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to do so:

  • After you’ve downloaded and launched the app on an Android device, it will automatically create a guest account.
  • You may make a new profile by selecting the link labeled “Create Profile” on the left side of the same homepage.
  • Once you’ve clicked the Create Profile button, you’ll be prompted to provide your mobile phone number and send an OTP.
  • Then, input the OTP to confirm your cellphone number.
  • When you sign up using a cellphone number, an account is automatically established for you. Also, your phone number will be permanently linked to the app.
  • Since your account is registered, you may make cash by playing any game on Teen Patti Field and send it to your bank account.

How to Play Games on Teen Patti Field App

If you’re interested in making some extra cash with Teen Patti and Rummy, but you don’t know where to start, this section is for you. You shouldn’t be concerned about anything at this point.

To learn the fundamentals of how to play the game, head to the homepage’s settings menu. In the new window that just appeared, you may see visual instructions for playing the card games Teen Patti and Rummy. This is a great place to learn how to play Rummy and Teen Patti.

Best Features of Rummy Field APK

There are several cool features that come with using the Teen Patti Field app. Below, we’ll be explaining a few:

Safe Option

The safe option features on this site are made for customers who don’t want to cash out their small wins. Many customers will prefer to accumulate winnings before withdrawing instead of removing them little by little.

People rely on these conveniences to keep their money safe and organized, regardless of the source of that money. As an added bonus, you can move these funds whenever you see fit.

Welcome bonus

The Teen Patti Field App has a registration bonus of ₹55 for new users. After signing up for the Teen Patti Field App and connecting your phone number with it, you’ll be able to access it.

Mail Option

The app provides you with a mail-in feature selection. Using the site’s email notification tools, you’ll always know what’s new. You will get an email when the company releases a new service or an update.

Fast Withdrawal

With Teen Patti Field APK, you can cash out your winnings instantly and take advantage of the greatest withdrawal service available. When you withdraw your profits, you can use them right away because they are in your bank account.

Guest Account

You’ll be given a guest account to use while exploring the app. When you install and run this program for the first time, you’ll be given a brand-new guest account. However, a great number of individuals have the wrong idea about what a guest account actually is and what it does.

This temporary guest account has been set up so that you may explore the functionality of the app. The game is available here at no cost to you.

You won’t find any gambling options here to increase your bankroll. You must sign up using your cell phone number in order to play games and earn money in this app.

Ranking Features

Users who use this application to make money from gaming will appreciate the ranking feature. This application’s rating functions allow you to learn more about your competition. In the rankings section, you will be given a place on a scale from 1 to 10 if you are among the highest-earned.

Only the names of those who have earned the most money are included in this list. Whenever you break into the top 10 highest-earning users of this app, your name will be added. This list will grow in size as you continue to make money playing games here.

Teen Patti Field App APK’s Refer & Earn Program!

You may get some additional cash by introducing your friends to the rummy app you’re using. If you suggest a friend and they join, you both receive ₹80.

If your second referral also joins, you’ll earn a commission of ₹90. You will receive a one hundred pound commission upon the enrollment of your third referred member.

From then on, you will earn a 100 commission on each referral that signs up via your link. If you know more individuals who would love the app before you join, you’ll have a better chance of making money.

Also, you may make a significant sum of money by advertising this application. Let your pals know about the referral program if you’re interested in making some extra cash. To begin inviting others to use this software, just copy your referral link and share it with them.

In addition, you should post your referral link and distribute it throughout major social media platforms. This includes Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, and Instagram. Therefore, you may spend less time inviting additional individuals to use this app.

There is no cap on how much money may be made through referrals. The Rummy Field APK allows you to invite as many people as you’d like and pay out as much as you’d like for each successful referral.

Games that are available in the Rummy Field App!

Playing Teen Patti and Rummy are just two of the many card games you’ll find in this app. You are free to compete in this game based on your level of ability. In addition, you can wager real money on any game and perhaps earn a payout.

There are a variety of casino games and several other multi-player card games available within the Teen Patti Field app. Each offers a chance to win cash prizes if you participate.

Here are the available games in the Teen Patti Field app:

7 Up 7 Down

You may try your hand at 7 Up 7 Down; a game that uses dice. Guessing whether the sum of two dice will be exactly 7, more than 7, or less than 7 will determine the winner. You place your opening stake in chips on the various table possibilities.

Next, the dealer will use a dice jar to “spring” the dice, revealing the ultimate outcome. Your bet will be successful if the sum of the numbers rolled by both dice matches the total you wagered.

Before rolling the dice, each participant must choose one of these bets as their starting position. The term “Lucky Seven” is used to refer to the number 7. The payout for a successful “call” of a Lucky Seven bet is four times the original wager.

Andar Bahar

You may use any deck of cards to play the straightforward card game of Andar Bahar. Predicting whether the Andar box or the Bahar box will come out on top is the major focus of the game. The cards are kept together and shuffled between hands by the dealer.

The joker is the first card revealed by the dealer and played with. It is placed face up in the middle of the table. After the first shuffle and revelation of the Joker by the dealer, the deck is dealt normally.

The next step is for participants to wager on joker group of boxes they think the Joker card will land in.


Crash is a card game that is similar to Brag or Three Card Brag, although it employs 13-card hands rather than three. Using a regular 52-card deck, Crash may be played with four players. To decide who will be the first dealer, everyone uses a random method or some other method that everyone agrees on.

When the dealer has finished shuffling the deck, he or she will deal 13 cards to each player. The deal moves to the left at the conclusion of each round.

After the hands are made, each player exposes their best possible three-card hand, and the one with the highest score receives a point. The game ends in a “stick-up” or “stopper” when many players have the same high hand. In this case, nobody scores a point.

Teen Patti

Teen Patti, sometimes known as Indian Flush, is a card game popular in Indian casinos. The goal of this game is to use the three cards you are handed to form the best possible combination. The objective is to increase the size of the pot or prize pool so that the player may win the most money possible.

Each participant makes an opening wager into the “Boot.”  The dealer distributes three cards to each player, face down, one at a time once the initial wager has been made. You can either take on the role of a ‘Seen’ player or a ‘Blind’ player.

You can either play with your cards face up (as in a “as seen” game) or keep them face down (as in a “blind” game).

Other Games

  • ICC T20
  • Car Roulette
  • Zoo Roulette
  • Roulette
  • Teen Patti 20-20
  • Baccarat
  • Best of Five
  • 3 Card Poker
  • Dragon vs Tiger
  • LUDO
  • Rummy
  • Variation
  • Poker
  • 10 Cards
  • Black Jack
  • Fishing Rush
  • Fruit Line
  • IPL Game
  • Sports Game

Weekly Bonus

Taking advantage of the Teen Patti Field App’s weekly rewards is a great way to supplement your income. Every Monday, you’ll have the opportunity to earn these prizes, and you’ll have the rest of the week to do so. However, once Sunday rolls around, the bonus will be gone, and a new one will take its place.

Only VIP 1 members are eligible for this weekly incentive. You will not be eligible for the Weekly Bonus unless you are a VIP member. Your weekly bonus is a percentage of the money you make from referral fees each week.

Teen Patti Field App VIP Program

VIP members are eligible for lots of bonuses after they’ve reached a certain level. There are programs that offer bonuses to participants on a weekly, monthly, or level basis. Here are the available bonuses VIP players receive:

Daily Bonus

This app provides free daily bonuses up to a set limit that may be used whenever you choose.

Weekly Bonus

You need to be at least on Level 2 in this application in order to be qualified for the weekly bonus.

Monthly Bonus

When you upgrade to VIP status in the Rummy Field APK, you gain this incredibly handy bonus. You may get your monthly bonus via the app every month by going to the VIP section. VIPs will be rewarded more for their consistent use of the service.

Level Bonus

This level bonus is only available to those who are presently at level 2 and want to advance to level 3.

Bonus

VIP members of Rummy Field APK receive an extra daily login bonus just for using the application on a daily basis. Even if you decide to quit playing the game, this perk will remain active for as long as you have the app installed. Therefore, if you are interested in receiving special benefits while using the app’s casino games, upgrading to VIP status is the way to go.

Deposit to Teen Patti Field App

If you find that the bonus funds in your rummy app aren’t enough to keep you playing for a while, the Add Cash feature will come in helpful. You may use this feature to add some of your own cash to your gaming account. The minimum deposit that can be made in Teen Patti Field app is ₹10.

Here is a simple process on how to deposit in Teen Patti Field:

  • To get started, just hit the Shop tab on the main page.
  • After that, you’ll be able to choose a rupee value of your choosing.
  • Afterwards, an Add Cash button will appear; select it.
  • Clicking on the link takes you to a page where you may either complete KYC immediately, or be given the choice to select UPI first.
  • In the KYC section, provide your name, email address, and mobile phone number before clicking the Proceed button.
  • So, you may choose from a wide variety of UPI money transfer methods.
  • To make a payment, first decide how you’d like to pay and then input your UPI details.
  • After a successful transaction, your gaming account will be credited with the purchased funds instantly.

There is a deposit bonus for players who deposit ₹1000 or more in one transaction. Here are the bonuses available:

  • ₹1000 – Get 2% Extra
  • ₹3000 – Get 2.5% Extra
  • ₹5000 – Get 3% Extra
  • ₹8000 – Get 3.5% Extra
  • ₹10000 – Get 4% Extra
  • ₹30000 – Get 4.5% Extra
  • ₹50000  Get 5% Extra
  • ₹100000 – Get 5.5% Extra

Withdrawal from Teen Patti Field App

Everyone wants to get their hands on the money they won in their wager as quickly as they possibly can.  However, some users may lack a thorough understanding of the transfer process, which might cause their winnings to become stuck or to be lost altogether.

The money transfer may fail, or they may not have enough funds. We’ll walk you through the whole money transfer procedure so you don’t make mistakes. Here is a step-by-step guide to walk you through the process:

  • Start by opening the Rummy Field APK.
  • Select “Withdraw” from your menu.
  • Your options are either a bank account or UPI.
  • Next, pick an option and complete the required fields.
  • Click “Save” when you’re done inputting information to go back to the previous screen.
  • Finally, select Withdraw again from the menu.
  • Enter the amount you wish to withdraw and click “Withdraw.”
  • You may make as many daily withdrawals as you like if you need more than Rs.100.
  • You can withdraw an unlimited amount every day; however, there is a daily withdrawal cap.

Customer Support

To ensure that everyone who uses the app can reap the benefits of its ease of use, the developer has set up a dedicated help line. At any time of the day or night, you may reach a friendly support representative online who will be happy to assist you.

On the site, you can click the chat icon if you need immediate assistance. It’s a place you can go to talk to a customer care professional.

Keep in mind that there is a chance that you might lose money if you play this game. There’s a good chance you’ll become addicted to this game.

So, please understand that you’re playing at your own risk if you join in. You take full responsibility for any money you lose as a direct result of playing the games.

Teen Patti Field App “FAQ’s” Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum Teen Patti Field App withdrawal amount?

The minimum Teen Patti Field app withdrawal amount is 100 rupees

What is the Field Rummy App sign-up bonus?

The sign-up bonus in the Teen Patti Field app is 55 rupees.

How much money can you withdraw in Teen Patti Field App?

You can withdraw 100 rupees multiple times per day.

How many games are included with the Rummy Field APK?

There are over 20 games available in Teen Patti Field app. This includes ICC T20, Dragon vs Tiger, Crash, 10 Cards, Teen Patti, Variation, Andar Bahar, and Ludo.

What is the smallest amount that can be added to 3Patti Field App?

The minimum amount you can add to the Teen Patti Field app is 10 rupees.

How many times per day can I take Withdraw?

You can withdraw up to 5 times per day.

How long does withdrawal take?

Withdrawals can take up to 30 minutes to complete. Quite similar to 3 Patti Circle APK.