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Happy Teen Patti is one of the money-earning Teen Patti games categories. Happy Teen Patti apk download is essential not just because the Happy Teen Patti app is designed to replicate the website’s interface but also because it offers a higher level of experience and mobility.

As earlier, the Happy Teen Patti app download is readily available for players seeking a fantastic gaming experience. Once you download and signup on the Happy Teen Patti app, you automatically get a signup bonus of ₹20 available. This signup bonus of ₹20 has no restrictions on how users can use it. It means that players can play and win Happy Teen Patti cash directly with the ₹20 after claiming it without any need to make a deposit anymore.

About Happy Teen Patti

App Name Teen Patti Happy
Size 34 MB
Version 8.6.9
Sign Up Bonus Rs. 30
Minimum Withdrawal Rs. 100

Happy Teen Patti is India’s twisted 3 card poker game. The Happy Teen Patti game is also referred to as Indian Poker and is a famously played game in Asia. Happy Teen Patti is one of the last standing game-changing platforms committed to providing its players with the best gambling experience. Our focus, in the long run, is to scale up the charts and amass a reputation that is based on timely content delivery and efficient customer services. Also, Happy Teen Patti stands out amongst its peers by providing the best services to its players.

Aside from being an online gaming app that guarantees surplus gaming catalogs, Happy Teen Patti ensures players get the best of services through a well-designed, flexible, and functional website. Happy game teen patti is the best free online card game that allows you to play free Happy 3, Patti, with real players worldwide.

Happy Teen Patti App Apk Download

  • Click here, and you will be redirected to the official website download page of the Happy Teen Patti apk.
  • Hit the download button if it doesn’t begin automatically.
  • The Happy Teen Patti apk size is less than 40MB.
  • Ensure you are using a mobile with an operating system of a minimum of 4.2 to avoid lagging on the Teen Patti Happy game on your mobile device.
  • Once the Happy Teen Patti apk download is completed, you can install it.

How to Sign up and Get ₹10 on Happy Teen Patti APK

Once you sign up or register your account on the Happy Teen Patti apk, as a user, you are automatically gifted with ₹10 for completion of the registration process and taking a huge step in becoming a member of a unique life-changing platform.

Here are the simple processes required to sign up and get the ₹10 bonus on Happy Teen Patti:

  1. Visit the Happy Teen Patti official website and click the “download now” button to download and install the app.
  1.  Once you have successfully installed the Happy Teen Patti app, open the app to get started.
  1. Depending on your preference, log in with your phone number or your Facebook account. Ensure that the mobile number used is one that you have access to, as an OTP would be immediately sent after inputting.
  1. Verify your mobile number using the OTP sent to you.
  1. Once the verification is done, you have completed the signup phase and immediately receive ₹10 bonus + ₹10 Deposit cash.

How To Download Happy Teen Patti

Regrettably, the Happy Teen Patti app functionality is strictly designed to run and operate on Android devices. Thus, it isn’t available on the Apple store for iOS users. We do not know what the future entails, but there might be a Happy Teen Patti app designed to run on iOS devices.

In case you are experiencing one difficulty or the other in downloading the Happy Teen Patti app, then follow this illustration to help proffer solutions to them:

Step 1: Go to the official Happy Teen Patti website to download the Happy Teen Patti app.

Step 2: Scroll downwards and click the “download now” button to start downloading.

Step 3: After clicking the download button link, it automatically redirects you to another page that requires your approval for the file download.

Step 4: Once given the approval to download, the Happy Teen Patti app starts downloading.

Step 5: After a successful download, go to the “Security settings option” on your smartphone, scroll down to “Enable Unknown Sources,” and then click on it.

Step 6: Once you have enabled unknown sources, go to the downloaded Happy Teen Patti app to install.

Step 7: Click “open” once the installation process is complete, signup, and start playing to make money on happy ace teen patti.

Note: Users are expected to use an Android operating system of a minimum of 4.2 for the smooth running of the Teen Patti Happy 2.2 0 apk.

How To Get Signup Bonus

Getting the signup bonus is pretty much straightforward. The following steps would help shed more light on how to get your signup bonus.

  1. Visit the Happy Teen Patti official website page to download the app.
  1. Download the Happy Teen Patti app.
  2. Install the Happy Teen Patti app.
  1. Signup to create an account by entering your phone number or Facebook account.
  1. Wait to receive the OTP sent to your number and verify the phone number with the OTP.
  1. Click the “Invite and Earn” button to access your referral link so you can share.
  1. Select “Collect” to get Extra Money.
  1. Return to your dashboard.
  1. Your signup bonus of ₹10 will automatically reflect in your account.
  1. Make your earnings to withdraw.

Some Extra Features Added in Happy Teen Patti

Happy Teen Patti has been relentless over the years in making its app fun and Teen Patti game entertaining for its players. Moreso, it isn’t resting on its oars and seeks to keep an impressive form in the gaming market. Aside from its spectacular features, Happy Teen Patti has equipped its platform with some extra features to make it more outstanding. These extra features include;

  • Bonus card
  • Events in Happy Teen Patti

Bonus Card: The Bonus card feature is one of the recently added features to the Happy Teen Patti. Players can purchase cards using the Bonus card feature to get a 7-day bonus.

Furthermore, the Bonus card is divided into three cards available for purchase. Players get to purchase any card they can afford and enjoy the privilege of the equivalent bonus attached to the card purchased.

Silver Card:- The silver card is worth ₹1000, and you will get a ₹1140 bonus after purchase.

Gold Card:- The gold card is worth ₹5000, and you will get a ₹6050 bonus after purchase.

Diamond Card:- The diamond card is worth ₹20000 and a total bonus ₹24500 after purchase.

Events in Happy Teen Patti: The Events in Happy Teen Patti feature provides players with money-making opportunities such as; free rewards, recruitment, and bonuses.

Free Rewards is a recently added reward program in Happy Teen Patti Apk. It allows users to earn points for completing some tasks later converted to real money.

Ways To Earn Money

Contrary to the general perception that you have to play to win before you can make money on gaming apps, Happy Teen Patti has various options for users to earn money on the app. Here are some money-making methods on Happy Teen Patti:

  • Play games
  • Place bets
  • Refer and earn

Play Games

Playing games on Happy Teen Patti is one of the primary ways to earn money on the app. A vast array of games allows players to play against each other and make real money.

Place Bets 

Placing your bets on the Happi Teen Patti app to earn real money is another way of making money. There are numerous betting games available with several selections for you to pick from and place bets to make money.

Refer and Earn

The refer and earn method is one of the most lucrative ways of making money on Happy Teen Patti. For instance, you get ₹15 for each referral without any condition, instantly ₹12 for each referral, etc. There’s an unlimited benefit when you refer, and you can withdraw your earnings as a user directly in your bank account, which makes it pretty cool.

Games Available on Happy Teen Patti APK

Happy Teen Patti app is loaded with a collection of quality and high-tech games available; some games are more well-known than others. These games include:

  • Ludo
  • Rummy
  • Teen Patti
  • 7 Up 7 Down
  • Andar Bahar
  • Video Poker
  • Baccarat
  • Baccarat AB
  • Horse Racing
  • Wingo Lottery
  • Dragon Tiger
  • Jhandi Munda
  • Baccarat 3 Patti
  • Fruit Party

How To Refer and Earn on Happy Teen Patti App

As earlier said, the refer and earn method is lucrative for making passive income on the Happy Teen Patti app. Follow this simple guide to know how to make money through referrals, so you don’t miss out on the opportunity.

Step 1: Open the Happy Teen Patti app.

Step 2: Click on the Refer Reward option.

Step 3: Select the Invite & Earn button.

Step 4: Copy your referral link.

Step 5: Share your referral link with friends and family.

Step 6: Earn unlimited money by inviting friends on the teen patti happy ace. Your referral income increases based on your downlines’ activities.

Step 7: You can earn money using either withdrawal option. You can either withdraw using UPI or your Bank account.

Note: You cannot withdraw less than ₹100 from the Happy Teen Patti app.

Payment Proof

Accountability is essential, which is why Happy Teen Patti provides every user with proof of payment as a shred of evidence to show transparency on the Happy Teen Patti app.

Teen Patti Happy Payment Proof


How To Play Happy Teen Patti Games & Rules

Happy Teen Patti games are simple, fun, and attractive. All you have to do is understand the gaming concept and rules to increase your chances of winning.


Here are the rules to playing the Andar Bahar game:

  1. The dealer carefully places a card at the center of the table.
  1. The card placed at the center of the table is called the Joker card. As a player, you have two betting chances to predict which side of the Joker card’s rank will drop. Both sides consist of Andar and Bahar.
  1. The first bet commences once the Joker card is presented.
  1. The second bet occurs when two cards have been dealt to the table.
  1. The game is concluded soon as a card of the same rank as the Joker lands on Andar or Bahar.


The 7 Up 7 Down game is a simple rule game that allows bettors to place bets on various outcomes and win big.


  1. A player is expected to predict and place his bet on the total outcome. The result could be precisely 7, over 7, or under 7.
  1. An outcome of over or under seven means a potential win or payout is double the amount staked.
  1. A predicted outcome of exactly 7 gives the player a potential win or payout five times the amount staked on the bet.
  2. Gold Dice; the gold Dice bonus randomly appears when the dice result is revealed. Every player that has placed a bet before the appearance of the gold dice automatically wins.


Here are the simple game rules for the Horse racing game:

  1. Ensure that you place a bet before the racing begins. Try to decide as quickly as possible on which horse you believe will emerge victorious.
  1. There’s freedom of staking power which means you can place a bet with as much money as you can afford.
  1. You can bet on any horse or number of horses among the horses 1-6.
  1. The coins obtained by the winner are the betting coins multiplied by the corresponding odds to generate your win.

New Tax Based Commission in Happy Teen Patti

A great deal of evolution has taken place in the referral program, unlike the regular referral program of Happy Teen Patti. The new tax-based commission in Happy Teen Patti is divided into six (6) different categories. In the past, users got 1% of their referral bet amount, but recently the commission percentage has been changed to 30% earnings of the user’s referral tax amount.

How to Withdraw Money From Happy Teen Patti

You cannot withdraw less than ₹100 from the Happy Teen Patti app, nor do you need to fill out a KYC form to cash out your money whenever you please.

Steps To Withdraw Your Money From Happy Teen Patti

  1. Go to the Happy Teen Patti app on your mobile device, and click on the “Redeem button.”
  1. Select the amount from your game winnings that you want to redeem and convert to cash.
  1. Withdrawal is only possible through UPI or Bank account.
  1. Input your bank account or UPI account details and fill in the necessary information required: account number, ifsc code, name extra for IMPS transfer, UPI address, name, and email address for UPI transfer. Depending on which withdrawal method you prefer to use.
  1. Click the “Withdraw” button.
  1. Confirm that you want to withdraw and that you made the request.

Note: Your withdrawal will be processed within 7 days, and you can withdraw up to ₹15000 on daily transactions.

Happy Teen Patti Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

FAQs are recurring questions that require more clarity and explanation by Happy Teen Patti users worldwide. If you didn’t get your hands on the Happy Teen Patti customer care number, the FAQ section would help proffer solutions to your problems.

How To Sign Up on Happy Teen Patti App

Signing up on the Happy Teen Patti app is very easy. All you are required to do is download the Happy Teen Patti Apk from the website and install it. Open the app and signup using your phone number or Facebook and verify the number. You have successfully signed up and registered on the app.

How To Download Happy TeenPatti App?

Visit the official Happy Teen Patti website or click this link to go to the website. Scroll downwards to see and click the download now button. Please wait for the apk file download to be completed and install it.

How To Create a Happy Teen Patti Account?

Open the Happy Teen Patti app after a successful download.
Click on the “Login” button to register.
Input your number and wait for OTP
Verify your number with the OTP
Set password and log in
Your account has been successfully created.

How To Withdrawal Happy Teen Patti Real Cash Game?

Scroll to the top of the screen and locate the “Redeem” icon.
Click on Add bank account.
Input your bank info to show precisely where you want to withdraw funds.
Save the detailed information inputted.
Input your desired amount for withdrawal and click the “Withdraw” button.
Your withdrawal is completed quickly, and you receive the amount withdrawn from your bank account.