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Blackjack is one of the most popular card games. The rules are easy to learn, and the chances of winning are relatively high.

Playing blackjack online for real money is practically no different from playing at a local casino. However, there are games online with additional features that cannot be found offline.

Below we give an overview of the most important options, rules, and other specific characteristics of blackjack.

Play blackjack online professionally and safely

Sometimes it can be tedious to find the best casino to play online blackjack. To support our readers in this, we have collected here the most suitable criteria for us. With their help, finding the right provider and the best blackjack option will become much easier.

After all, we know what to look for when looking for a reputable casino.

Blackjack online and offline – the gameplay is basically the same
The gameplay of blackjack is not much different in online games and in classic offline casinos. In both cases, blackjack is played at a semicircular table. On the straight side is the dealer, also called the dealer. Up to seven players are located opposite it. Sometimes they are called perforators.

Blackjack Table

In the most classic versions, you play with six French hands. There are 52 cards in each. These are usually bridge format maps. They usually have especially large index characters with English names – for example, “K” for “king”, “Q” for “queen” and so on.

As an alternative name for the game, “17 + 4” already makes it clear that the goal is to get as close as possible to 21 with your own card values. The task is to beat the dealer. If the hand shows more than 21 points, the round is lost.

The values of the cards can be divided into three different groups. With aces, you get either 11 or 1 point / s. The cost depends on what is most beneficial for the player. With cards from 2 to 10, you will get exactly the appropriate values. And the face cards, that is, jack, queen, and king bring 10 points each.

Before the start of the bet, it is necessary to make it within the limit. Then the cards are dealt. All players and the dealer receive an open card.

In the second round, there are more open cards. The dealer hasn’t received it yet. The round starts to the left of the dealer. The pointer can take another card first or leave it. The latter is appropriate if it is already very close to 21.

When the highest number of points is scored, the game ends immediately. The same goes for exceeding the maximum. Only after all the players are served, it is the dealer’s turn. If the player has a value less than 16, he must take more cards. Since the age of 17, this is no longer the case.

In the end, it pays. If the dealer has more than 21, all the remaining players become winners. Otherwise, only those players who are closer to 21 years old than the dealer will receive the prize. In case of a draw, the bet is refunded.

The following video again clearly explains the principle of the game.

Online blackjack has several advantages

As we have already said, the processes in blackjack, online or offline, are basically the same. It goes without saying that the atmosphere at a real casino event is much better. Fact that most casinos require a dress code to play blackjack, there is a bar and a very exclusive interior, which makes the visit unforgettable.

However, as always in life, there are also disadvantages. Because not every casino offers a suitable atmosphere or even blackjack tables with dealers. In addition, you are forced to dress up at least a little and stick to the work schedule. Some casinos even have an entrance ticket.

Therefore, it is not surprising that online casinos for playing blackjack are becoming more and more popular. Here you can play at any time and, of course, without changing clothes at all. There are usually many blackjack tables available. In addition, many providers in live casinos have tables with real dealers in their program. If you don’t want to chat with the latter, you don’t have to choose this option.

Online Blackjack at a live casino

Computer blackjack games are the best way to get started. In addition to the classic variants, they also offer other types of games in which dealers behave differently, use additional or other game features, or the whole process changes. Those looking for variety will most likely find it here.

Online blackjack comes in different versions

The possibilities of playing blackjack on the internet are immense. For example, you can choose from a variety of free games that will help you first learn the exact rules and build a strategy. So-called social games make it possible to compete with other players on the network. At the same time, the chips that need to be bought first are played.

Probably the most pleasant and most profitable way to play blackjack for money is still to visit an online casino. This is where government regulators make sure that everything goes well and the players really get their winnings. Those who want to seriously play blackjack online should definitely choose this option!

In fact, online casinos have many other advantages. Thus, you get a very wide selection of types of games with a random number generator and live games at the same time.

Classic blackjack, of course, is always worth betting, but if you want more, you can, for example, return to games with a switching function. Here you play almost synchronously with both hands. The result is more action, new opportunities, and completely different chances of winning.

Many online casinos also have special live casinos. There, through streams, you can play games with real dealers. To truly feel like a casino in your living room or office, as well as on the road on mobile devices, you can even chat with the giver via chat.

Live Blackjack vs Computer Blackjack

As indicated, there are basically two different types of blackjack – computer and live. Computer versions work with a random number generator (RNG) – that is, a random number generator that takes over the issuance of cards.

These versions are sometimes also referred to as “blackjack machines”. They often have a bad image. Many players doubt the fairness of RNG systems. Various independent test companies have set themselves the task of dispelling these prejudices and guaranteeing the seriousness of such games.

They check all the functions in detail. The most famous institution in this area is eCOGRA. The testing company was founded in England in 2003. He regularly checks the payout percentages and the operation of random number generators. In most casinos, you will find transparent information about this, so unfair processes are very unlikely here.

If you still have doubts, you should return to the table with a live dealer. Manipulation is impossible in a live casino. The player is present when the cards are shuffled, and follows everything from the beginning to the end of the game. In addition, some providers check the percentage of payments. So you can see for yourself whether the actual value corresponds to the theoretical value.

Understand rules and standard processes without risk

Before you really start playing blackjack for real money, you should carefully study the various rules and functions of the various options. There are many free blackjack games where you can do this and at the same time create a profitable gaming strategy. It is very useful to have an idea of which placement system is best suited for you.

For example, there are players who find it very useful to constantly increase their bets. Whichever path you ultimately choose, you will always be better positioned through careful trial and error. Because if all the mechanisms are known, the risk is automatically reduced.

Is there a guarantee for betting with real money?

The seriousness of the casino is one of the most important prerequisites for a relaxed and ultimately fruitful round of online blackjack. It is better to study the site carefully first. Ideally, the provider should have a valid EU license and a link to an independent testing institute, such as eCOGRA or GameCare, offers.

In addition, all pages must work with secure SSL encryption. This prevents the interception of sensitive data. Last but not least, the terms should contain detailed information about all gaming processes, bonus offers, terms of sale, possible costs for payment methods, etc. The ability to quickly contact support via chat is now a good standard.

Payout percentage and casino advantage

In blackjack, the player is always served in front of the dealer. This sounds only honest and polite but actually gives the giver some advantage. Then this person can only react to the behavior of other players. However, the odds of winning at blackjack are relatively high. For example, in the classic version of the bank with eight decks, the casino advantage is 0.66%. This means that the average payout rate here is 99.34%.

Compared to other casino games such as slot machines, the winning opportunities are actually very generous. Sometimes the chance of winning in different versions of blackjack is changed by additional functions, such as switching or the change function. And, of course, the dealer’s behavior also plays a role.

The online blackjack games with the highest payout percentage are listed here.

Game Manufacturer Payout Percentage
Blackjack Switch Playtech 99.87%
Blackjack Handover Playtech 99.66%
Playtech Pontoon 99.64%
Blackjack Perfect Pairs Realistic Games 99.64%
Progressive Blackjack Playtech 99.53%
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