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  2. LeoVegas
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How to play Teen Patti

Just because you have strategies ready and know the rules of the game, you can’t win. Three to seven people play teen using a deck of 52 cards.

There is a dealer who deals the cards to the other players.

The participants must determine the amount to bet, and each of them must place a minimum amount. From this amount, betting is also known as betting money.

Teen Patti Games Online

The game is based as a table card game, so it is well known by all for its glory.

This game brings a sea of interest to the process, in any company, you can play the game Patti online wherever you are.

Be sure to learn the rules and functioning of the gameplay. It has its own rules that you can not find elsewhere, or they are very similar to others.

The many names of Teen Patti

When you look for this particular game, it is worth typing in the search engine in different ways, as the names of a large variety.

  • Teen Patti
  • 3 Patti
  • Teenpatthi
  • Teenpatti
  • Indian Poker
  • Flash
  • Flush


Pay attention to the methods of payment on the Internet, because only with it, you get the cash in your account. Choose the one that suits only you.

3 Patti with Paytm

The ability to make deposits fast is very important for playing this card teen Patti real cash game, and we find that 3-Patti works flawlessly using teen Patti paytm cash.

The payment system Paytm is a local Indian solution for payment. It is used for a number of payments in the country, including online casino deposits and withdrawals, as well as for a number of other online payments in the country.

How to deposit with Paytm

  1. Enter your deposit amount at the casino and choose ‘Net Banking’ as an option
  2. Enter your Paytm VPA (UPI ID) to the payment option
  3. Accept the payment
  4. Play with money!

Other payment methods

The ability to make deposits fast is very important for playing this card game, and we find that 3 Patti works flawlessly using Paytm.

The payment system Paytm is a local Indian solution for payment. It is used for a number of payments in the country, including online casino deposits and withdrawals, as well as for a number of other online payments the country.

Most Popular Teen Patti Casinos

Above have already written about better casinos in which you can play for real money teen patti. The list is the same. Only popular casinos are denoted by the number of visits to players in a certain period of time. 

  1. Bettilt
  2. ShangriLa
withdrawal methodsThe card you linked
withdrawal limitsRs.1,00000
restricted countriesMaharashtra, Nagaland
languagesEnglish, Hindi, Marathi or Gujarati
devicesphone, computer, tablet
ownerSaurabh Aggarwal
  1. playSQR
  2. 21 casino

Live Dealer Teen Patti Game

Live games are very comfortable and have a note of special features before other entertainment. These games absorb you with your head into the game, you will probably like this type of game more, because it is similar to how you are currently in a casino.

Teen Patti Rules

During every 3 patti online, there are three that begin with the Boot. Almost all the boot is a collection of money from participants, whose minimum value was agreed upon by the player’s minimum. As the game progresses with each move, boot teen patti real cash grows as the game proceeds. Where the game is being played, this money is placed in front of the player who is participating in the game.


The proven strategy of game – playing blind. Blind play can be a risk. Blind play as a strategy has two main advantages. You can get some big wins, but it also helps reduce the likelihood of losing high stakes.

There is a golden rule for the game. Do you want to learn about how you can win? Then this should be your strategy for playing.

However, if you are successful, it can change fate.

This is so because someone who happens to see the cards may think the position is weak. Gave up and folded because they set up twice as much as you, each round. In this case, you don’t need to play the game.

Mobile Teen Patti

A mobile device allows you to enjoy the game three times more than when you have to go to a certain place to play. Most players will choose the mobile version. It can be as simple as going to the site to play this version, or it can be as simple as downloading the teen patti real cash app. No complicated requirements are needed. Just a place on the phone and Internet access. Without the internet in offline mode, the app will not work at all. Of any phone type, there is no preference.

Real Money Teen Patti Apps

It’s easy to play for real money, especially when you have a handy phone in your hands. Everything works in the same mode as on the computer. You can deposit real cash teen patti through your phone and withdraw as well. No need to go home and wait for that moment, because everyone always has a phone at hand.

Android / iOS

It doesn’t make any difference which phone. There is no difference. Since you can only download by going to the casino and clicking on a special link, through it, you can download and enjoy the game to the fullest.

What do I need to start playing

You need access to the Internet, you can’t do without it. Then register yourself as a player, put teen patti real money on your balance, and start having fun to the fullest.

Teen Patti Sequences

The 3 Patti Sequence rule is similar in the fact that it was founded on one of the most popular card games in the world, poker. The only difference is that you base your hand on 3 cards instead of 5. So let’s look at all the 3 Patti hands that are available.

Straight Flush

A pure sequence is a straight flush, consisting of 3 different cards in the same suit. According to the best pure sequence you can get in 3 Patti is A-K-Q and the worst is 4-3-2. In the suit, there is no value so it doesn’t matter which suits you have as long as they are all the same.

Three of a Kind

In the event that you get a hand that is a trail or set, it means you have three of a kind. Also, this hand also works by trio and counts as the highest sequence in 3 Patti.


A sequence is a straight hand and works in the same way as a pure one, but you don’t need to wear similar suits. It counts as a sequence, if the cards are in consecutive order, it is considered to be a series.


The 3 Patti color sequence is the same as in the case of a hand with cards of the same suit. This happens when you have a hand with three different colors, and there are two hands that match the same suit. No suit is stronger than another, so you never have to pick one suit over another.


A teen Patti hand with a pair is when you have 2 cards that have the same value. Two aces are a good pair, while 2s are the worst.

High Card

As the name suggests, a high card is exactly what it sounds like, just a high-card. As it is, this is the worst hand you can have, since there are no sequences. When you only have a high card, it is better to just pack.

Teen Patti Casinos

All the casinos that will be listed below, are verified specialists and all their conditions are the same as the real without fraud.

Casino Days

The casino site gives its users a seamless gambling experience with a clean and modern casino lobby and easy-to-use navigation and shortcuts. The casino offers many benefits, including accepting a huge number of currencies and cryptocurrencies.

The casino accepts almost all currencies, there are too many to list, but go to the teen patti real cash desk, and you can view the available deposit options for your location.

Pure Win

They have a differentiation of games by category. There is a separate section for Indian games. In Pure Win Casino you don’t have to search for the game you want to bet on, as you can select the game in the category section. For full games, the list will move to the top header or sidebar menu and click on the casino or live casino tab.


Indian players have several real cash teen patti game options for depositing and withdrawing amounts. They have credit cards: MasterCard, Visa, debit cards, prepaid / virtual credit cards: AstroPay, EcoPayz, e-wallets: NETELLER, Skrill, bank transfer, bitcoin, Ecobanq, IMPS, PayU, UPI. Also offers various online casinos such as blackjack, roulette, poker, pontoon and baccarat. They offer 111 online slots. You can get more information about 10CRIC Casino Review here.


Thanks to the customer-centric approach to gaming, an impressive selection of games has been assembled so that mobile users won’t regret playing on the go. Whether the player is looking for the latest releases or old, popular casino games, they can all be found here.

History of Teen Patti

Indian casinos don’t know a single person in the world, beginner or professional. They have never heard of it or tried the game. And how popular it is. And that’s no coincidence, because it is popular with all card game lovers.

The reason for the origin of the game in India can be called the idea of the Desi people about gambling.

Online Teen Patti Legality

It turns out that Indian law has no jurisdiction in India on playing online on foreign-based online casinos. It is important to note that the foreign online casinos have proper licenses in place that allows players to play Online. International law allows this practice of online gambling.


Gambling in this state is not legalized or recognized by the state as a casino game.

You can try playing on foreign sites, as there is no information about it at all, so there is always a way out.


The laws state that it is safe and legal to play poker in this state and not have to worry about getting caught.

Just like the other state said before, you can play on other foreign websites here.

Uttar Pradesh

It is possible to play this entertainment, but not in India, and look for something on the side.

You can be calm about your safety, because you will not get anything for such games.


Unfortunately, you can only play rummy, all other games are prohibited by state law.

But do not despair, you can try to play on other platforms outside your country. Be careful when doing so.

Teen Patti Variations

When playing this wonderful game, there are many moves that everyone should be aware of in order to achieve the desired result.

When you are playing with friends or acquaintances, before the game, all the nuances of how you can and should not play are discussed for the convenience of the game.

As you have already realized, there are options, and now we will break down a few:


In addition to lowball, Mufliss works just like regular. The only difference here is the ranking of hands is reversed. The worst hand (trio) becomes the best, and in the high card, it becomes the worst hand. In Mufliss, the player with the weakest hand wins the game. This method is a little different. The rules are the same, but the hand with the lowest rating and not the average wins.


This game variant is named after the AK47, and its name is derived from the popular AK47 rifle. In this case, the A, K, 4, and 7 cards of all suits are wild or jokers. Users who have any of these cards can use it as an alternative for the number or suit that has not been found in the game.

Best of Four

A four-card hand is dealt to each player, from which they must make the best three-card hand. It’s the same here, except the participants have more cards. In your hands you are given one card more i.e. 4 cards and that’s it, well, play as usual.

Social Teen Patti

The game in the beginning was very similar to poker, played in large groups around a table in a cozy atmosphere.

During the game, a pot is used on the opponent’s side, into which players add funds to make ante and bets.

These activities are conducted until only one or two players remain in the game. Each of the remaining players shows their cards.

Teen Patti Game Providers

Teen Patti, which is the most popular Indian and European card betting game, is the most popular Indian and European card betting game. The most popular and famous variations of poker game are this game. It is not difficult to find out that the game of gambling games, game plays highly in sports.


This provider makes live casino slots, the games are quality and have their own cool gizmos when playing.

At this provider you can find a full range of different gambling content, all different and with a twist made for your favorite gamers.

Super Spade

The provider offers a wide range of live dealer games developed based on HTML5 technology, which makes them suitable for any device and guarantees an equally good product quality on any screen and in any browser.

The games are streamed non-stop from state-of-the-art studios in the heart of Europe.


The main reason users choose live dealer games is openness and honesty. The fact is that the deck with which the game is played is constantly in the frame, while roulette uses a real wheel from the casino.


The company develops products for smartphones and then adapts them for PCs – this is one of the provider’s features. Table games and video slots created by this studio are competitive with the products of other providers. Casino users can run online slots from the company for teen patti cash.

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